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Imagine having a whole children's play area to yourself for a whole evening! Now imagine the place darkened, full of atmospheric smoke and lighting effects with pumping music and two teams of 10 hurling themselves around the place with laser guns!!

Welcome to Laser Storm at JR Zone - the Island's biggest indoor soft play area - for every youngster's dream party night out!

Over the course of 2 or 3 hours (depending on group size) everyone gets to play at least 2 games, dig into delicious party food, drink unlimited fruit squash and burn up every last scrap of energy on the huge play frame. The journey back to the hotel will be the quietest 20 minutes of your whole week...

If the idea of laser guns isn't for you, JR Zone can still be hired exclusively for soft play nights and we can even bring in a professional DJ for a more traditional party.

Best Suited To

Laser Storm at JR Zone is best suited for children 7 years and up as well as adults

Laser Storm at JR Zone is great for all ages, but perhaps a little overwhelming for the very youngest visitors

Laser Storm at JR Zone FAQs

Here's some of the most frequently-asked questions about school visits to Laser Storm at JR Zone, posed by teachers and other group leaders

How long does the activity last?

2-hour slots are usually sufficient for a group of up to around 30-40 allowing for a quick meal break. This will mean that everyone gets 2 games of laser storm - each lasts about 12 minutes. For larger groups we can book an extended slot or split the activity over two nights with the other half of the group doing something else such as 10-pin bowling, beach crazy golf or a trip to the theatre.

Are there any accessibility concerns?

JR Zone premises are wheelchair accessible throughout the ground floor, and there is a disabled loo at ground level too. Upstairs is a small seating area and this is not accessible. Obviously the use of the play facilities will be dictated by the ability of the individual.

Is food and drink available?

JR Zone are famed for their delicious buffets and most of our groups tend to have a 'party night', foregoing their dinner at the hotel to spend more time at the facility. Unlimited squash and water is made available for the children, and adults can have a couple of teas/coffees on the house too. As well as all of this, other drinks, snacks and home-made cakes are available to buy.

Is JR Zone suitable for my age group?

Absolutely - including adults! Because the centre is privately hired, there's no members of the public present, and so there are no concerns about having mixed ages present. Laser Storm is suitable for ages 7+ (an insurance requirement) but the soft play space is suitable for everyone from babies upward.

Include Laser Storm at JR Zone in your next Isle of Wight school trip!

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