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Travel & Tourism Exposed! (3-5 days)

School residential visit Travel & Tourism Exposed! (3-5 days)

Travel & Tourism Exposed! (3-5 days)

"The Isle of Wight is THE ideal UK destination for students of Travel & Tourism to intimately examine historical and coastal attractions, observe customer service across a range of venues, and experience an incredibly diverse selection of visitor services first-hand and behind the scenes.

Education Destination's close working relationships with Island tourism businesses mean that we can get our student groups unprecedented levels of access to a wide range of travel focused businesses.

Imagine how much your students would benefit from meeting with owners and managers of tourism businesses, from theme parks to ferry operators, hotels and holiday camps to animal attractions, restaurants to castles. With Education Destination's Travel and Tourism Exposed package, we will arrange unique 1:1 sessions with these key people where you will learn from those who already run successful tourism businesses. There will also be the opportunity to pose your own questions, before enjoying the facilities on offer. "

This package ideally requires at least 3 days on the Island but can be customised to any length. There's no shortage of tourism businesses on the Island!


Our tours are suitable for all age groups, but the subject matter and venues highlighted here are best suited to the following:

Isle of Wight school visit suitable for Key Stage 1Isle of Wight school visit suitable for Key Stage 1Isle of Wight school visit suitable for Key Stage 1

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Typical Timeline


Day 1 Activity 1

Red Funnel Ferries
The original Isle of Wight ferry company with a history spanning over 150 years

You have to take a ferry to reach the Isle of Wight ... so why not travel with Red Funnel and get your students learning from the moment they step on board?

Offering a wide range of learning activities covering most subjects and age groups, Red Funnel are our preferred travel partner.

Cruise across to the Isle of Wight on Red Funnel Ferries where you will be met by a customer service representative who will give you a briefing on the history of the company, facts and figures about the millions of passengers they carry each year, and an introduction to the customer service policies employed at Red Funnel. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, to experience the service first hand, and, if operationally possible, a tour of the bridge to meet the captain!

Red Funnel Ferries logo

Day 1 Activity 2

Visit Queen Victoria's summer retreat

Bring history to life and get a real insight into the private lives of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children at Osborne. Their home can teach many aspects of the curriculum across numerous subjects in a fun and engaging way. Enjoy a free self-led visit or get hands-on with history as part of a Discovery Visit, led by the formidable (and wonderful) costumed interpreter Mrs Pilkington. During the session your pupils will step into the world of a servant and discover what life was like below stairs.

Visit Osborne - Queen Victoria's famous holiday home and one of the largest English Heritage estates attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Take a tour of the house, Swiss Cottage, beach and grounds learning more about this fascinating historical attraction whilst observing service delivery aspects across a range of disciplines from tour guides through to gardeners and retail assistants.

Osborne logo

Day 2 Activity 1

Isle of Wight Steam Railway
An award-winning Steam Railway to engage, inspire and excite you!

A living, working museum with a heritage railway passing through 5.5 miles of unspoilt countryside. The visitor can expect to step back in time to a bygone age. The adjacent, modern Train Story exhibition presents a timeline of the era of steam with lots of interpretative exhibits and hands-on activities.

The whole site is a living, working museum of Island steam history.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway logo

Day 2 Activity 2

Alum Bay
World famous multi-coloured sand cliffs and vertical strata

Alum Bay is the location of a classic sequence of upper Paleocene and Eocene beds of soft sands and clays. The strata in the main section of the bay are near vertical and the sands are coloured due to oxidised iron compounds formed under different conditions. A stunning view of the Needles rock formation is available from Alum Bay, along with optional boat trips from the pier.

Such is the variety of colour in the sands that they were used in Victorian times for marmotinto, a popular artform.

Alum Bay and the world-famous Needles Rocks and Lighthouse hold a precious place in the memories of millions of people who have visited this special place over the years.

Experience a coastal attraction for yourself at first hand. Take a boat cruise out to the needles, learn about the multi coloured sands at Alum Bay and see them turned into glass at the nearby glassworks.

Alum Bay logo

Day 2 Activity 4

Laser Storm at JR Zone
Action-packed indoor team activity

Blow off some excess energy with a late night Laser Storm session at the Island's top indoor play centre, complete with appropriate music and lighting. Meet the managers of this facility and learn more about how they continue to develop the business to attract thousands of new customers each year through diversification and improving the level of service offered to locals and visitors alike. Then experience the centre for yourself!

Laser Storm at JR Zone logo

Day 3 Activity 1

Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
Donkey Heaven since 1987!

A registered charity providing a secure, peaceful and happy home for around 90 donkeys, 12 horses and a herd of Shetland ponies, which have been neglected, abandoned or are in need of lifetime care.

Animal venues are amongst the UK's favourite visitor attractions, and the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary has grown over the years to provide a safe home for over 100 donkeys, ponies, horses and other equine animals.

Meet the farm managers and learn all about the intricacies of running an animal attraction. Experience the sanctuary for yourself, indulging in some of the hands-on activities which are driving increased future business from schools and groups.

Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary logo

Day 3 Activity 2

Dinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
Created by enthusiasts to promote responsible fossil discovery, conservation and interpretation.

A field centre based on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight displaying fossils and locally inspired palaeoart. The centre organises fossil hunting trips in some of Europe's best dinosaur locations across the south of the Island.

The Isle of Wight is famous for its dinosaurs and fossil finds - attracting many thousands of visitors each year with an interest in paleontology.

We're offering you to the chance to meet a qualified paleontologist and have a 1:1 tour of the "dinosaur farm" - site of one of the UK's largest fossil finds, as well as taking part in your very own guided fossil hunt on a local beach. Learn how this business was built from scratch and its aspirations for the future.

Dinosaur Expeditions C.I.C. logo

More resources suitable for this tour
Key StageSubjectUnitvenueResources
KS3EnglishSpoken LanguageIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3HistoryChronological UnderstandingRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishReadingIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3MathematicsWorking MathematicallyDinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
KS3ScienceChemistryIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3GeographyHuman and Physical GeographyRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishSpoken LanguageRed Funnel Ferries
KS3MathematicsWorking MathematicallyRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishGrammar & VocabularyRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)Red Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishReadingRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)Isle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue ProjectsRed Funnel Ferries
KS3HistoryHistorical EnquiryIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3ScienceBiologyDinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
KS3Art & DesignGraphic CommunicationIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3GeographyGeographical Skills and FieldworkRed Funnel Ferries
KS3P.S.H.E.Working with othersRed Funnel Ferries
KS3HistoryIdeas, political power, industry and empire: Britain 1745-1901Red Funnel Ferries
KS3P.S.H.E.Health and WellbeingRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishReadingIsle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
KS3Art & DesignCreativity in Art & DesignRed Funnel Ferries
KS3SciencePhysicsIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3R.E.Religious TextsIsle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
KS3HistoryChanges in the PastIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3P.S.H.E.Working with othersIsle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
KS3HistoryHistorical InterpretationIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3SciencePhysicsRed Funnel Ferries
KS3MathematicsStatistics / Handling DataRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
KS3EnglishSpoken LanguageIsle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
KS3GeographyFieldwork InvestigationRed Funnel Ferries
KS3HistoryChronological UnderstandingIsle of Wight Steam Railway
KS3Art & DesignCreativity in Art & DesignDinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
KS5Art & DesignTextile DesignIsle of Wight Steam Railway

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