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Geography Galore! (4 days)

School residential visit Geography Galore! (4 days)

Geography Galore! (4 days)

"Often described as "Britain in Miniature", the Isle of Wight and the sea crossing to get here offer much to interest teachers and students of human and physical geography."

Your journey begins in Southampton where you'll sail along a ria (flooded river valley) created by the last ice age meltwater, past human features including docks, harbours and marinas, a giant incinerator, an oil refinery, a power station, coastguard buildings, a fort, breakwaters, and natural features such as mud flats, a spit, sandbanks and rapidly eroding cliffs.

Once on the Island there are literally dozens of interesting sites to choose from, including the world-famous sands of Alum Bay and the iconic Needles. The tour includes a study of coastal erosion at Blackgang Chine, fossil hunting on Compton Beach, a study of the impressive sea defences at Ventnor and a selection of geography related activities at Robin Hill Country Park.

We are more than happy to alter the itinerary to include time to examine additional aspects of this fascinating island.


Our tours are suitable for all age groups, but the subject matter and venues highlighted here are best suited to the following:

Isle of Wight school visit suitable for Key Stage 1Isle of Wight school visit suitable for Key Stage 1Isle of Wight school visit suitable for Key Stage 1

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Typical Timeline


Day 1 Activity 1

Red Funnel Ferries
The original Isle of Wight ferry company with a history spanning over 150 years

You have to take a ferry to reach the Isle of Wight ... so why not travel with Red Funnel and get your students learning from the moment they step on board?

Offering a wide range of learning activities covering most subjects and age groups, Red Funnel are our preferred travel partner.

Cruise across to the Isle of Wight on Red Funnel Ferries, making use of their amazing array of pre-prepared educational resources.

Geography is the key subject for this ferry crossing, which takes you along Southampton Water and across the Solent. There's sufficient materials available in our Red Funnel resource pack to put together a whole term's scheme of work!

Red Funnel Ferries logo

Day 1 Activity 2

Alum Bay
World famous multi-coloured sand cliffs and vertical strata

Alum Bay is the location of a classic sequence of upper Paleocene and Eocene beds of soft sands and clays. The strata in the main section of the bay are near vertical and the sands are coloured due to oxidised iron compounds formed under different conditions. A stunning view of the Needles rock formation is available from Alum Bay, along with optional boat trips from the pier.

Such is the variety of colour in the sands that they were used in Victorian times for marmotinto, a popular artform.

Visit the world-famous Alum Bay and its amazing array of coloured sands, formed by a complex mix of soft sands, clays and some unusual geological folding.

Alum Bay gives a great vantage point for The Needles rock formation.

We can optionally arrange a boat trip out to The Needles subject to weather conditions.

Alum Bay logo

Day 2 Activity 1

Blackgang Chine
Land of Imagination...

Every year hundreds of school parties from across the country visit Blackgang Chine. Childrens' imaginations run wild as they enjoy the many themed areas around the park.

Blackgang provides a fertile base for activity play and learning, with exhibitions on coastal erosion, woodland & countryside crafts and the 'Wight Experience' "helicopter trip" over the Island!

Blackgang Chine is the world's first theme park, built atop a 400ft cliff which has been gradually eroding ever since. Moving progressively inland, the story of erosion at Blackgang is evident, and from the park today you can see buildings which have recently collapsed and fallen part-way down the cliffs.

Oh, and it's also a theme park for the students to have a blowout!

Blackgang Chine logo

Day 3 Activity 1

Ventnor (Town)
Popular Victorian seaside resort with warm microclimate

Lying underneath St Boniface Down (241m) and built on steep slopes leading down to the sea, Ventnor's sheltered location results in more sunny days and fewer frosts than most of the UK.

Famously a site of World War 2 radar stations. The largest British colony of wall lizards live in walls throughout the town.

A favourite Victorian holiday destination due to its unusually warm microclimate, Ventnor and its adjacent villages Bonchurch and St Lawrence are built on ground which is notoriously unstable with many buildings lost to subsidence or land falls.

There is much to see in and around Ventnor, and depending on your students' ages and your specific teaching requirements we'll suggest the most appropriate elements.

Ventnor (Town) logo

Day 3 Activity 2

Dinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
Created by enthusiasts to promote responsible fossil discovery, conservation and interpretation.

A field centre based on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight displaying fossils and locally inspired palaeoart. The centre organises fossil hunting trips in some of Europe's best dinosaur locations across the south of the Island.

Meet the passionate and knowledgeable volunteers at Dinosaur Expeditions for a tour of their amazing fossil finds now housed in a refurbished farm barn.

After your talk and Q+A session, head off to the nearby beach for your own fossil hunt, local geology lesson and at the right tide, observe actual dinosaur footprints!

Dinosaur Expeditions C.I.C. logo

Day 4 Activity 1

Robin Hill Country Park
Start Your Adventure...

The park's 88 acres give plenty of room for your party to run free and let off some steam, and with its big mix of features and attractions, it makes a whole day out and excellent value for money. It's no wonder nearly 16,000 school pupils come through our gates each year to enjoy the park.

Robin Hill Country Park offers a range of geography resources along with plenty of outdoor activities for a final blowout before the journey home.

Robin Hill Country Park logo

Day 4 Activity 2

Red Funnel Ferries
The original Isle of Wight ferry company with a history spanning over 150 years

You have to take a ferry to reach the Isle of Wight ... so why not travel with Red Funnel and get your students learning from the moment they step on board?

Offering a wide range of learning activities covering most subjects and age groups, Red Funnel are our preferred travel partner.

Pick up where you left off on the outward journey and dig deep into the impressive range of resources provided by Red Funnel.

Red Funnel Ferries logo

More resources suitable for this tour
Key StageSubjectUnitvenueResources
Upper KS2ScienceBiologyRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2EnglishReadingBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2EnglishSpoken LanguageRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Health and WellbeingRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with othersRobin Hill Country Park
Upper KS2HistoryChronological UnderstandingRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2MathematicsNumberRobin Hill Country Park
Upper KS2HistoryChanges in the PastRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2GeographyHuman and Physical GeographyBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2SciencePhysicsBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)Blackgang Chine
Upper KS2SciencePhysicsRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2Art & DesignGraphic CommunicationBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2GeographyGeographical Skills and FieldworkRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)Red Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2SciencePhysicsRobin Hill Country Park
Upper KS2Art & DesignCreativity in Art & DesignRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2HistoryHistory StudyRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2ScienceBiologyRobin Hill Country Park
Upper KS2EnglishSpoken LanguageRobin Hill Country Park
Upper KS2GeographyFieldwork InvestigationRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2ScienceBiologyBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2GeographyLocational KnowledgeRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2MathematicsWorking MathematicallyDinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
Upper KS2EnglishReadingRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling DataRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2ScienceBiologyDinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with othersRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2EnglishGrammar & VocabularyRed Funnel Ferries
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)Robin Hill Country Park
Upper KS2HistoryLocal History StudyBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with othersBlackgang Chine
Upper KS2GeographyPlace KnowledgeRed Funnel Ferries
KS3GeographyHuman and Physical GeographyRed Funnel Ferries
KS3EnglishReadingRobin Hill Country Park
KS3Art & DesignCreativity in Art & DesignDinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.
KS3EnglishSpoken LanguageBlackgang Chine
KS3HistoryIdeas, political power, industry and empire: Britain 1745-1901Red Funnel Ferries
KS3GeographyGeographical Skills and FieldworkRobin Hill Country Park
KS4Media StudiesMedia SkillsBlackgang Chine
KS4Media StudiesMedia SkillsRobin Hill Country Park
KS4Leisure & TourismInvestigation / case study into the leisure & tourism industryRobin Hill Country Park
KS4MathematicsWorking MathematicallyRed Funnel Ferries
KS4Leisure & TourismInvestigation / case study into the leisure & tourism industryBlackgang Chine
KS4Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue ProjectsRed Funnel Ferries
KS4Business StudiesInvestigating BusinessBlackgang Chine

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