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These venues are proud to be part of The Island Classroom

The Isle of Wight features literally hundreds of learning opportunities at a surprisingly diverse range of attractions and venues, all within a compact geographic area. Over half is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). That's why we call it The Island Classroom!

Where exactly IS the Isle of Wight?

Click on the venue logos for more details, or browse by academic subject first to find out which sites offer the learning resources you are looking for...

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Which other venues are near ... ?

Common questions raised by our visiting teachers, so here are all of our venues plotted on an Isle of Wight map!

The map shows where our various venues are located around the Isle of Wight. Click on any venue logo for more information.

Use the filter to highlight venues which offer resources in specific subjects or for specific age groups.

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Location data file for Sat Nav devices

Why not download the locations of all our venues to your Sat Nav device?

We offer two types of file - CSV, suitable for Garmin and other devices, and OV2, suitable for TomTom units.

For installation instructions please consult your user manual or device manufacturer's help pages.

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