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Amazing Adventures!

Day Trip Amazing Adventures!

Amazing Adventures!

"Robin Hill is a huge outdoor space packed with fun activities which will spark any child's imagination."

The park's 88 acres give plenty of room for your party to run free and let off some steam, and with its big mix of features and attractions, it makes a great value day out.

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Curriculum Matches for This Trip, including Science
Key StageSubjectUnitResources
EnglishComing soon!
KS1EnglishSpoken Language
KS1EnglishWriting (Composition)
Lower KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Lower KS2EnglishReading
Lower KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Lower KS2MathematicsNumber
Lower KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Upper KS2EnglishReading
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Upper KS2MathematicsNumber
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with others
Upper KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2SciencePhysics
KS3EnglishSpoken Language
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)
KS3GeographyGeographical Skills and Fieldwork
KS3P.S.H.E.Working with others
KS4EnglishWriting (Composition)
KS4Leisure & TourismInvestigation / case study into the leisure & tourism industry
KS4Media StudiesMedia Skills
KS4P.S.H.E.Working with others
KS5Business StudiesInvestigating Business

Dozens of inspired teaching resources have been prepared to make the most of a trip to Robin Hill. Covering a wide range of subjects, these are predominantly pre-visit and post-visit school based activities which connect with the learning available at the park. However, some purely on-site activities are available including a physical activity based loosely on geocaching and orienteering which could see your students acting out hilarious scenes using the park attractions as props!

Robin Hill offers the perfect mix of learning and fun. It's a great way to reward students whilst surreptitiously getting them to undertake various curriculum-relevant tasks!

Full use is made of all the learning opportunities available here - from the physics of the quarter-mile hillside toboggan run to the biology of the plantlife and animal inhabitants, including the Island's famous red squirrels.

ED the Squirrel pointing right

Two Park Discount

Visit BOTH Robin Hill AND Blackgang Chine for a special two park rate!

This isn't easily achieved in one day, so would require an overnight stay.

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Why not stay the night and take advantage of the multi-park discount available for visiting Blackgang Chine too?

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