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Castle Capers!

Day Trip Castle Capers!

Castle Capers!

"Carisbrooke Castle has experienced seiges, imprisoned kings and seen off the Spanish Armada during its 1,000-year history."

Experience what life was like at Carisbrooke Castle for the people who lived there. What better way to bring the curriculum to life and cover multiple topics than to stand at the spot where history happened!

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Curriculum Matches for This Trip, including History
Key StageSubjectUnitResources
EnglishComing soon!

Choose from one of two "Discovery Visits" (pre-bookable).

"War and Power" focuses on the stories and secrets of Carisbrooke and the people who lived and worked there.

"I'm a king - get me out of here!" sees students help Charles I's servants to devise an escape plan as they tour the castle.

Both Discovery Visits have been developed to meet the needs of different groups across the key stages.

The Elizabethan Well House still uses donkeys to draw water using a giant wheel. Come and watch these fascinating animals and participate in a question and answer session with their keeper.

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