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Dino Delights!

Day Trip Dino Delights!

Dino Delights!

"The Isle of Wight is Europe's Dinosaur & Fossil capital! Dino Delights is an inspiring day trip to a fascinating dinosaur museum. "

The Island's dinosaur history is displayed in the museum galleries for students to learn and enjoy, with many hands-on and interactive exhibits.


Dinosaur Isle visitors will experience a guided tour of the museum galleries, then student groups will experience an inspiring talk with a qualified palaeontologist before heading out onto the nearby Yaverland Beach on a fossil-hunting expedition.

Dinosaur Expeditions will experience a guided tour of the facilities accompanied by a local fossil expert, then head out onto one of the nearby south coast beaches stretching from Compton to Atherfield Bay to hunt in one of Europe's best regarded fossil fields.

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Curriculum Matches for This Trip, including Science
Key StageSubjectUnitResources
KS1Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
KS1HistoryChronological Understanding
KS1HistoryHistorical Enquiry
KS1ScienceScientific Enquiry
Lower KS2Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
Lower KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Lower KS2EnglishReading
Lower KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Lower KS2HistoryChronological Understanding
Lower KS2HistoryHistorical Enquiry
Lower KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
Lower KS2MathematicsWorking Mathematically
Lower KS2ScienceBiology
Lower KS2ScienceChemistry
Lower KS2ScienceScientific Enquiry
Upper KS2Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
Upper KS2Art & DesignGraphic Communication
Upper KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Upper KS2EnglishReading
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Upper KS2HistoryChronological Understanding
Upper KS2HistoryHistorical Enquiry
Upper KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
Upper KS2MathematicsWorking Mathematically
Upper KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2ScienceChemistry
Upper KS2ScienceScientific Enquiry
KS3Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
KS3Art & DesignGraphic Communication
KS3EnglishSpoken Language
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)
KS3HistoryChronological Understanding
KS3HistoryHistorical Enquiry
KS3MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
KS3MathematicsWorking Mathematically
KS3ScienceScientific Enquiry
KS4Art & DesignGraphic Communication
KS4Leisure & TourismInvestigation / case study into the leisure & tourism industry
KS5GeologyGeology Study Opportunities
KS5Travel & TourismTourist Attractions: Investigation
Post 16ScienceApplied Science

Dinosaur Isle provides an educational service for local, UK and international students of all ages. It is the largest provider of geological and palaeontological learning on the Isle of Wight supporting up to 10,000 educational visitors each year.

Dinosaur Expeditions is staffed by dedicated local fossil experts, led by a former head teacher with a science specialism. It was created to promote responsible fossil discovery, conservation and interpretation. An adjoining "palaeoart" centre provides unique interpretations of dinosaurs through art.

Education Destination have developed a wide range of teaching resources to build upon the excellent learning you will experience at Dinosaur Isle. Many of these use dinosaurs and fossils as stimulus material for subjects not traditionally associated with dinosaurs and fossils ... such as English and Mathematics.

We are currently developing new resources with Dinosaur Expeditions which will be ready soon.

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Beach Fossil Hunt Included!

Your tour will include (subject to weather) a fossil hunting session along some of Europe's most renowned beaches and cliffs.

Fossils which are smaller than your hand can be kept as a souvenir!

On-Site Educational Activities

On-site educational activities at Ventnor (Town)

This section highlights any on-site activities which have educational relevance.

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Learn how to spot a fossil by example! A session with a trained palaeontologist will help you distinguish dinosaur bones from dinosaur poo!

Get an expert guided tour of the museum collections pitched appropriately for your age group!

Get your boots on and head down to Yaverland's famous fossil hunting spots to find your own bits of the past!

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about Ventnor (Town)

This section shows commonly asked questions with comprehensive answers.

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A: By prior arrangement, larger groups can be split up and accompanied by different staff members. A lot depends on the tide times. Ordinarily, a single group would not exceed 60 students but with planning 180 would not be an issue.

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Why not stay overnight and take in some of the other Dinosaur related activities on the Island? Younger students in particular will love Restricted Area 5 - a new animatronic dinosaur section at Blackgang Chine which is home to some of the UK's largest animated models in a realistic cliffside setting!

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