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Donkey Day Out!

Day Trip Donkey Day Out!

Donkey Day Out!

"A fascinating insight into the world of donkeys, ideal for KS1 up to KS3. Get up close with these gentle and lovable creatures."

You wouldn't believe in how many places the humble donkey touches the National Curriculum! From their heritage as working animals through to the biology of their characteristics, Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary offers younger students an ideal opportunity to observe close to 100 of these fascinating animals in close proximity.

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Curriculum Matches for This Trip, including Science
Key StageSubjectUnitResources
EnglishComing soon!
KS1EnglishSpoken Language
KS1MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
KS1R.E.Religious Texts
KS1Crossover ProjectsSingle-venue Projects
Lower KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Lower KS2EnglishReading
Lower KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Lower KS2HistoryChronological Understanding
Lower KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
Lower KS2P.S.H.E.Working with others
Lower KS2R.E.Religious Texts
Lower KS2ScienceBiology
Lower KS2Crossover ProjectsSingle-venue Projects
Upper KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Upper KS2EnglishReading
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Upper KS2HistoryChronological Understanding
Upper KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with others
Upper KS2R.E.Religious Texts
Upper KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2Crossover ProjectsSingle-venue Projects
KS3EnglishSpoken Language
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)
KS3P.S.H.E.Working with others
KS3R.E.Religious Texts

As well as the more obvious science and biology subjects, we have also developed a wide range of activities in other curriculum aspects using the donkeys and the sanctuary as reference - for example our Donkey Data KS1 Maths resource and our estimation and problem-solving tasks for KS2 and KS3.

Whatever you're studying, we're bound to be able to link it with the Donkey Sanctuary, providing an ideal stimulus for learning outside the classroom!

Let them run off some steam using our PSHE "Spot the Donkey" challenge before taking lunch in the picnic area or settling down to some proper work in the barn classroom, with hay bales for chairs!

All of the donkeys have different features and characteristics, and for the younger students who might not spot the more subtle nuances, each donkey at the sanctuary has its own colour coded name 'necklace' for ease of identification.

Subject to availability, we can arrange a question and answer session with Charlie, the original founder of the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary.

Charlie's story is a fascinating one - he used to be the local postman in an Isle of Wight village who slowly but surely amassed a collection of rescued donkeys!

ED the Squirrel pointing right

School Donkey Sponsorship

Bring a group of 50 or more students and we'll include a 12-month VIP donkey sponsorship for your school!

During your visit your group can choose which of the current sponsorship donkeys they'd like to support (or we can pick one randomly for you!)

Shortly after your return to school you'll receive an adoption pack including full details about your donkey, with regular updates throughout the year.

On-Site Educational Activities

On-site educational activities at Ventnor (Town)

This section highlights any on-site activities which have educational relevance.

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Take a walk with one of our more sedate donkeys! Learn how to approach and comfort the animals then lead them successfully around the paddock.

Learn to identify the differences between donkeys and ponies at close quarters!

SCAN & MATCH 30mins
Try to identify the mixed-up donkeys by scanning their microchips!

Help the farm staff with their donkey grooming duties!

Learn how to "condition score" a donkey and help the farm staff check the herd!

Use the interpretation boards positioned around the sanctuary to answer our list of FAQs!

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about Ventnor (Town)

This section shows commonly asked questions with comprehensive answers.

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A: Many paths are concrete although the walkways through the paddocks are grass which might cause difficulties after prolonged wet weather. For most of the year however wheelchair users will have no problem navigating the site. There are plenty of handwashing facilities around the site too. There is a disabled loo.

Sophie Wheeler, Teacher
A: For school visits with hands-on activities planned in advance, the activities will take place indoors in the event of poor weather. Certain activities such as the outdoor "treasure hunt" may need to be substituted for alternatives. There's plenty of choices!

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Why not stay overnight in one of our many accommodation options and visit working donkeys at Carisbrooke Castle? See them working the giant water wheel, exactly as they have done for hundreds of years!

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