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Speedway with Wight Warriors

Isle of Wight fun group activity Speedway with Wight Warriors

Speedway with Wight Warriors

"Enjoy an action-packed evening of motorcycle speedway with Wight Warriors! With races most Thursdays from April to October, this unusual but exciting event makes a great evening activity."

Get up close and personal with the riders and their machines with a pre-race pit visit, exclusive to Education Destination!

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Make an evening of it and have a meal here instead of at your hotel or accommodation. Choose from a burger meal or a full sit-down dinner inbetween races.

A typical evening timetable will be:

17:30 - gates open
17:45 - 18:15 - pits tour
18:45 - parade
19:00 - first race
20:00 - interval with junior races and mascots
21:00 - finish

Pre-Match Pit Tours

Meet the riders, get a close up look at their motorcyles in the pit lanes before the event.

The very low entry fee makes this a perfect addition to any weekly tour!

Perfect for students (and teachers!) who have an interest in motorsports, engineering, physics etc.

How it works

Speedway racing is two teams competing against each other to score the most points. One will be the home team Wight Warriors and the other will be from somewhere else in the UK. Each time has 7 riders, on 500cc motorcycles which have no brakes and only one gear! Fuelled by methanol, these are fast machines with 0-60mph taking around 2 seconds.

Meetings consist of 15 races when 4 riders (2 from each team) compete over 4 laps for points. At 385m this is the longest track in the country.

Images courtesy Ian Groves

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