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High Speed RIB Adventure

Isle of Wight fun group activity High Speed RIB Adventure

High Speed RIB Adventure

"Take a high speed boat trip from Alum Bay on the west tip of the Isle of Wight viewing the famous Needles Rocks and Lighthouse, shipwreck sites and inaccessible bays."

View the Needles Rocks and Lighthouse, coloured sands of Alum Bay, the dramatic caulk cliff face and surrounding coastal features.

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See our Alum Bay resources for FREE on-site activities whilst you are in this area, suitable for KS2 through to adult/lifelong learners.

Alum Bay is accessed via a long flight of steep wooden steps forming part of a public footpath (#22 and #23). There are also sections of uneven ground which may be soft or muddy following inclement weather, and the beach itself is deep shingle with no duckboards. It is therefore NOT suitable for wheelchairs or the infirm. An alternative is the (chargeable) chairlift from the adjacent tourist attraction.

Activity Location

This activity takes place in Totland.

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