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Tree Climbing

Isle of Wight fun group activity Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing

"Learn the ropes with qualified and experienced instructors, climbing to the top of a huge oak tree to enjoy beautiful sea views across the Solent."

Tree climbing is a wonderful experience for children. Each year we are amazed at the boost to the children's self esteem when they experience the thrill of reaching the canopy. We love the fact that it's not always the children who are best at things who achieve the most on a tree climb.

Sessions are delivered by experienced instructors who encourage independent learning and foster a sense of self belief. Responsible risk management is taught in a fun and safe environment, and no-one is pressured into reaching the top.

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This activity is suitable for ages 8+

Alternative climb sites are available, including Bonchurch (Ventnor) and Cowes. Please ask for details.

Activity Location

This activity takes place in Ryde.

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